established in 1999

Since acquiring the property in the late 90’s, we have worked hard to protect the land and promote a healthy environment for our horses, livestock, and the abundant wildlife. As one of the largest working cattle ranches in Douglas County, Pine Cliff enjoys the peace of country living and the convenience of the city just a few miles away. Nestled quietly along the banks of Garber Creek, where the Great Plains give way to the rolling hills of Colorado’s majestic Rampart Mountain Range, you’ll find the beautiful 3,500-acre Pine Cliff Ranch. Towering ponderosa pines stand as sentries along scrub-oak ridges and lush fields, leading the way to riparian sanctuaries where the water is cool and refreshing. Wildlife flourishes here, and it’s in this place that we raise our cattle on pastures of rich grass.   

We look forward to hearing from you,

Trace Hall

Ranch Manager